LADWP AC Optimization Program


UPDATE - November 1, 2023: 


This program is currently closed for redesign and restructuring, with a planned relaunch by Summer 2024. Permit inspections for system replacements that were approved and installed prior to September 15, 2023, must be completed and finalized by Wednesday, November 15, 2023, to qualify for a rebate through this program. Please contact your installing program contractor for additional details. 


The AC Optimization Program provides a no-cost central air conditioner tune-up and energy saving rebate opportunities to LADWP Customers. 


LADWP wants to help qualifying Residential and Commercial customers stay comfortable and use energy more efficiently.  Cooling represents the largest summertime energy cost for most homeowners and businesses.  An efficient, well maintained AC system uses less energy, keeps you more comfortable, and extends the life of your system.


Taking energy efficiency to the next level, LADWP also offers rebates to help customers replace their old, inefficient AC units with new ENERGY STAR Rated High Efficiency AC systems.


How will a tune-up make your AC more efficient?


A participating certified HVAC technician performs a CheckMe! diagnostic evaluation of your system, to determine how well the system is working, and what changes are needed to get your AC back in tip-top shape.  The tune-up service includes:

  • Outdoor Coil Cleaning
  • Replacement or Cleaning of Standard Air Filter
  • Initial CheckMe! Diagnostic test
  • Indoor Airflow Adjustment if needed
  • Refrigerant Level Adjustment if needed*

A follow-up diagnostic is run to confirm your AC system is running efficiently and ready to keep you cool during the warm LA summer.  The diagnostic result will also show if your existing system qualifies for the LADWP Early Replacement with ENERGY STAR rebate - see below for details.


Please note: The outdoor ambient air temperature must be 55 degrees or higher for program services to be provided. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled to a warmer day.


(* Program provides up to two pounds of additional refrigerant)


And to save more energy, how about a free Smart Thermostat?


That's right! LADWP is offering a smart, learning thermostat including installation** at no cost to their Residential customers with compatible systems.  The smart thermostat learns your schedule and the temperatures you prefer, so that it can save you on energy costs when you're not around, yet keep you comfortable while you're home.


**One (1) Smart thermostat per system, including installation, is offered free of charge to program participants. Zoned systems only qualify for one thermostat. Some AC systems may be incompatible with the brand of thermostat offered in the program. Systems with an existing smart thermostat are not eligible for the free thermostat. Systems where a free smart thermostat was previously installed under the program will not be eligible for an additional free thermostat when the system(s) become eligible for participation again. Customers may elect to purchase additional thermostats or the thermostat of their choice and be eligible to receive a $50 or $75 rebate.


Not interested in the smart thermostat?  LADWP is making another energy-saving control upgrade available to you at no cost, the "Western Cooling Control" (WCC).  Ideal for the warm, dry California climate, the WCC runs your indoor fan a bit longer to take advantage of "left-over" cooling available when the AC shuts off.  The WCC is a great option for those customers with systems not compatible with the smart thermostat, and is also available to Commercial customers. 


What Rebates are available to help LADWP customers save even more?


Early Replacement with ENERGY STAR


Replace your qualifying existing HVAC system with an ENERGY STAR High-Efficiency system, and receive up to a $1,200 rebate from LADWP!


Electrification Upgrade with ENERGY STAR


Upgrade your qualifying existing Gas Furnace w/ Air Conditioning system to an ENERGY STAR High-Efficiency Heat Pump system, and receive up to a $3,000 rebate from LADWP!


If your electric service needs improvement to take advantage of the Electrification rebate, LADWP is offering up to a $1,000 electric panel upgrade rebate.


How to earn Early Replacement or Electrification rebates:

  • Have your existing system qualified for Early Replacement or Electrification by a CheckMe! Certified Participating Contractor.
  • HVAC system must not have previously received an LADWP replacement rebate.
  • A participating CheckMe! HVAC contractor provides an estimate of the cost to replace your system with a qualifying ENERGY STAR system.
  • The customer completes a simple rebate application, and the contractor applies for an HVAC replacement permit from the LADBS.***
  • The existing system is removed and the new unit professionally installed.
  • A CheckMe! diagnostic test confirms the system is correctly installed.
  • When the replacement permit is closed out by LADBS, the rebate is provided to the customer by the HVAC contractor.
  • Additional rebates may be available through other state & local programs. Please ask your HVAC contractor for more information.

***An HVAC replacement permit must be obtained by the HVAC Contractor from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) prior to the installation of a new system. The permit must be closed out ("Finaled") by the LADBS before any rebate can be paid.


Who can participate?


The AC Optimization Program is available to LADWP electric service residential and commercial customers whose AC system(s) have not been optimized through an LADWP program within the last 2 years. Services are provided on a first-come, first served basis, while program funds are available. The customer must have a central air conditioner / central heat pump system of 10 tons or less. The system must be a minimum of 1 year in age, and be operational at the time services are provided under the program. The smart thermostat is available only to LADWP residential customers.  Renters are eligible to participate, but must certify that they have the property owners' permission to participate in the program.


Multi-Residential property tenants may not request program services directly, but instead should bring the program to the attention of their property manager. Property managers should contact the program Call Center at (833) 280-8100 for additional participation and property eligibility information.


Additional Program Requirements


All program services must be provided by a CheckMe! Certified Participating Contractor.  CheckMe! Contractors are specially trained and certified by Proctor Engineering Group, who is implementing the AC Optimization Program on behalf of LADWP.


If your local contractor would like to participate, please have them call (833) 280-8100 or e-mail Contractor Services at Proctor Engineering Group.



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